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The New Measure of Corporate Success

After years of ignoring warnings about climate change and what it could mean for markets and business operations in the future, corporate leaders now must start making up for lost time. Fortunately for them, the first movers on decarbonization will be well positioned to thrive in the net-zero economy.

BOSTON – For decades, global leaders have failed to respond to climate change with appropriate urgency, even though the science has long been clear. Now, the problem has become so acute that it is impossible to ignore, and those in positions of power are under growing pressure to start making up for lost time.

For businesses, the pressure is no longer coming only from protesters, but also from shareholders, customers, investors, lenders, employees, policymakers, and every other stakeholder with a true understanding of the climate threat. From supply-chain disruptions to lethal conditions for outdoor workers, the risks to business are multiplying.

From now on, CEOs will need to answer four key questions: What will my market look like in a net-zero-emissions world? What is my business model for succeeding in that market? What changes should I make now to prepare for success? What supporting conditions will I need, and how do I go about securing them?

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