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  1. lind3_OLIVIER DOULIERYAFP via Getty Images)_capitol damage OLIVIER DOULIERYAFP via Getty Images

    The Real Threat to American Democracy

    Michael Lind

    By fixating on the January 6 Capitol Hill riot and Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election, political and media elites can conveniently ignore the deeper problems afflicting American democracy. Yet only by identifying the system’s true vulnerabilities can it be preserved. 

    thinks hand-wringing over January 6 – and the electoral issues surrounding it – misses the bigger picture.
  1. stark8_ Arne Dedertpicture alliance via Getty Images_ecb Arne Dedertpicture alliance via Getty Images

    The ECB's Existential Dilemma

    Jürgen Stark, et al.

    For years, the European Central Bank has been succumbing to political interests and pursuing objectives beyond the scope of its primary mandate: maintaining price stability. But now that inflationary pressures are building, the ECB’s credibility is on the line.

    warns that the European Central Bank’s politicization will catch up to it in the new inflationary environment.
  2. furman5_Getty Images Yuichiro Chino_forecasting Getty Images Yuichiro Chino

    Why Did Almost Nobody See Inflation Coming?

    Jason Furman

    Forecasting inflation is a staple of macroeconomic modeling, yet virtually all economists’ predictions for the United States in 2021 were way off the mark. This dismal performance reflected a collective failure to take economic models seriously enough, as well as other analytical shortcomings.

    ascribes near-universal forecasting errors in 2021 to not taking economic models seriously enough.

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