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Chris Patten

Chris Patten

Writing for PS since 2000
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Chris Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong and a former EU commissioner for external affairs, is Chancellor of the University of Oxford.

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  1. Post-Peak China
    patten132 Getty Images
    Subscriber Exclusive

    Post-Peak China

    Dec 4, 2021 Chris Patten worries that mounting existential problems could make President Xi Jinping's regime even more dangerous.

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  1. op_galbraith8_Graeme RobertsonGetty Images_cambridge Graeme Robertson/Getty Images
    Subscriber Exclusive

    What's Left of Cambridge Economics?

    James K. Galbraith

    In offering a blueprint for bringing mainstream economics into the twenty-first century, a University of Cambridge economist has unwittingly demonstrated much of what is wrong with the discipline. Ironically, the rediscovery of an earlier generation of Cambridge economists would set things right.

    thinks a new attempt to refurbish the discipline suffers from a fatal blind spot.

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