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Soňa Muzikárová

Soňa Muzikárová

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Soňa Muzikárová, an Eisenhower Fellow and a non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council, is a former economist at the European Central Bank, a former diplomat at the OECD, and a former senior adviser to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

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  1. Europe’s Chance to Finish Off Illiberal Democracy
    muzikarova4_LUDOVIC MARINAFP via Getty Images_fico orban LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP via Getty Images

    Europe’s Chance to Finish Off Illiberal Democracy

    Nov 21, 2023 Soňa Muzikárová urges EU policymakers to leverage the bloc’s financial power to weaken authoritarian governments.

  2. Greening Eastern Europe’s Growth Engines
    muzikarova3_EDUARD GENSEREKAFP via Getty Images_slovakiacar Eduard Genserek/AFP via Getty Images

    Greening Eastern Europe’s Growth Engines

    May 9, 2023 Soňa Muzikárová explains why the region's residents and political leaders have been so slow to embrace the climate transition.

  3. Poland’s Ukrainian Rehabilitation
    muzikarova2_ Beata ZawrzelNurPhoto via Getty Images_poland eu nato Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

    Poland’s Ukrainian Rehabilitation

    Feb 20, 2023 Soňa Muzikárová explains what it will take for the country to preserve and increase its newfound influence in Europe.

  4. A Bottom-Up Approach to Education Reform
    beblavy1_FREDERIC J. BROWNAFP via Getty Images_school reform FREDERIC J. BROWNAFP via Getty Images

    A Bottom-Up Approach to Education Reform

    Oct 26, 2021 Miroslav Beblavý & Soňa Muzikárová show how grassroots initiatives can jump-start necessary changes in educational systems.

  1. borrell22_Sean GallupGetty Images_renewable energy Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Europe Knows that Climate Action Is Vital to Global Security

    Josep Borrell & Wopke Hoekstra reiterates the EU’s commitment to advancing mitigation and adaptation, at home and globally.
  2. galbraith30_Win McNameeGetty Images_powell Win McNamee/Getty Images

    Will High Interest Rates Trigger a Debt Disaster?

    James K. Galbraith shows that renewed warnings about dangerous debt-to-GDP ratios are belied by history and recent experience.
  3. lappe1_Sjoerd van der WalGetty Images_farming Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images
    Free to read

    Decarbonizing Our Food

    Anna Lappé & Patty Fong show that two of the sectors most relevant to climate change are more interlinked than many realize.
  4. mazzucato59_EDUARDO SOTERASAFP via Getty Images_water insuecurity EDUARDO SOTERAS/AFP via Getty Images

    Water and the High Price of Bad Economics

    Mariana Mazzucato, et al. explain why new thinking is needed to address a crisis closely linked to climate change and biodiversity loss.
  5. bloomberg6_Getty Images_cop28 Getty Images

    At COP28, Cities Will Show Us the Way

    Michael R. Bloomberg & Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr call attention to subnational efforts to drive climate-change mitigation and adaptation efforts.
  6. op_mkurz2_GREG BAKERAFP via Getty Images_apple GREG BAKER/AFP via Getty Images

    Market Power Is Permanent, and Technological Competition Does Not Remove It

    Mordecai Kurz

    Rather than reducing concentrated market power through “disruption” or “creative destruction,” technological innovation historically has only added to the problem, by awarding monopolies to just one or a few dominant firms. And market forces offer no remedy to the problem; only public policy can provide that.

    shows that technological change leads not to disruption, but to deeper, more enduring forms of market power.
  7. sierakowski103_WOJTEK RADWANSKIAFP via Getty Images_pis WOJTEK RADWANSKI/AFP via Getty Images

    Poland’s Democratic Rebirth Pains

    Sławomir Sierakowski describes the rapid marginalization of the recently defeated Law and Justice party and its autocratic leader.
  8. mateen1_Robert CianfloneGetty Images_facebook news Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

    What Google and Facebook Owe News Publishers

    Haaris Mateen, et al. support laws requiring Big Tech to pay media companies for the content featured on their digital platforms.
  9. haass162_BettmannContributorGetty Images kissinger Bettmann / Contributor Getty Images

    The Legacy of Henry Kissinger

    Richard Haass

    The passing of America’s preeminent foreign-policy thinker and practitioner marks the end of an era. Throughout his long and extraordinarily influential career, Henry Kissinger built a legacy that Americans would be wise to heed in this new era of great-power politics and global disarray.

    reviews the life and career of America’s preeminent foreign-policy scholar-practitioner.

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