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Globalizing the Fight Against the Pandemic

As a global problem that will remain a threat everywhere as long as it is still present anywhere, the novel coronavirus demands a collective and collaborative response. With a new COVID-19 Technology Access Pool to share data and intellectual property, all countries and companies now have a chance to become a part of the solution.

SAN JOSÉ – The COVID-19 pandemic began less than six months ago, but we have already learned a great deal about the disease. Scientists around the world are looking at new and improved methods of detecting the novel coronavirus as early as possible. And in addition to these lines of inquiry, there are already eight potential vaccines under clinical evaluation, and more than 100 vaccine candidates in preclinical stages.

All of this represents extraordinary progress that we should celebrate. But there is reason to worry that not everyone will benefit from these breakthroughs. Developing tests, treatments, and vaccines for the coronavirus is only half the battle. The other half – what might be the hardest part – is to manufacture, distribute, and administer enough of these life-saving tools to benefit everyone, everywhere.

Early on in the pandemic, Costa Rica and the World Health Organization began discussing the creation of a one-stop shop for data, knowledge, and intellectual property relating to diagnostics, medicines, vaccines, and any other tools that may work against COVID-19. As of May 29, this visionary idea has become a reality with the launch of the COVID-19 Technology Access Pool, which will ensure that progress leaves no one behind.

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