Making or Breaking Democracy

As US President Joe Biden seeks a mandate to restore the postwar international order, Donald Trump, his likely opponent, does not care if it burns to the ground. The future of American democracy and global leadership, as well as the fate of Ukraine and countless other US allies, hangs in the balance.

VIENNA – As we try to figure out what the next year holds in store for the world, one milestone looms menacingly on the horizon: the US presidential election on November 5, 2024.

The upcoming election will undoubtedly shape the history leading up to it and the history that follows. US President Joe Biden, having restored respect for professional politicians through his experience and acumen, will seek a mandate to govern into his mid-eighties. Some, even members of his own generation, wonder whether this is wise.

Meanwhile, Biden’s likely opponent, former President Donald Trump, is just three years younger. Despite his age, numerous criminal indictments, and refusal to accept the certified results of the 2020 election, Trump’s grip on the Republican Party’s base has enabled him to evade disqualification.