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  • In The Year of the Locusts, the world’s leading economists, policymakers, political leaders, strategic thinkers, and public intellectuals provide a sharp-eyed look at the last 12 months – and compelling analyses of the trends that will shape events in 2013.

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    YA2013_Fredrik LernerydGetty Images_locusts_web Fredrik Lerneryd/Getty Images
    1. d3036f0246f86fd00e302102_dr1189c.jpg Dean Rohrer

      The Great Bank Debate

    2. gates1_ONY KARUMBAAFPGetty Images_mpesa kenya Ony Karumba/AFP/Getty Images

      The Optimist’s Timeline

      Bill Gates says the spread of transformative digital technologies in Africa is finally gaining momentum.
    3. 4b49530246f86fc40fba0663_sa2130.jpg Steve Ansul

      Asia’s Democratic Security Diamond

    4. ve1736c.jpg Chris Van Es

      America’s Pacific Rebalance

    5. dr849.jpg Dean Rohrer

      Crisis and Transformation

    6. m4650c.jpg Barrie Maguire

      Asia’s Hard Road

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    8. ve798c.jpg Chris Van Es

      The Great Bank Escape

    9. pa2299c.jpg Paul Lachine

      The Last Guerrillas

    10. 2a20360446f86f380e9af024_ms1775.jpg Margaret Scott

      Brazil’s Economic Revolution

    11. pa2599c.jpg Paul Lachine

      Is State Capitalism Winning?

    12. px1408.jpg Pedro Molina

      The Moral Limits of Markets

    13. jo4121c.jpg John Overmyer

      The Future Global Economy

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