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  • “It is better to ask forgiveness than permission” has been the mantra of the digital revolution so far, and one should not expect that to change with artificial intelligence. For those already in a position to dominate this potentially groundbreaking sector, the opportunities are too enticing to miss.

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    1. mattei1 Getty Images

      Saving Economics from the Economists

      Clara Mattei & Aditya Singh trace the roots of the discipline’s indifference to social justice to early-twentieth-century Italy.
    2. maddox1 Getty Images

      A Big, Ominous Year for Democracy

      Bronwen Maddox explains why the biggest election year in history comes at an inauspicious moment for popular governance.
    3. ayeo1 Getty Images

      East Asia’s Evolving Regional Order

      Andrew Yeo identifies the major political and economic trends that will shape key countries' near-term prospects.
    4. varoufakis mag Getty Images

      A Tax on Robots?

      Yanis Varoufakis has an alternative to Bill Gates's suggestion for offsetting the social costs of automation.
    5. perez1 Getty Images

      What Is AI’s Place in History?

      Carlota Perez explains how to think about the technology's significance, and why such contextual thinking matters.
    6. damodaran1 Getty Images

      Navigating the AI Hype Cycle

      Aswath Damodaran explains how investors and business leaders should be thinking about the next big wave of innovation.
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    8. momara1 Getty Images

      Big Tech, But Bigger

      Margaret O'Mara explains how the AI boom will differ from the 1990s-2000s internet boom to which it is often compared.
    9. doctorow1 Getty Images

      The Class Struggle in Silicon Valley

      Cory Doctorow explains how monopolistic platforms have turned once-pampered tech workers into expendable proletarians.
    10. pissarides8 Getty Images

      Should Workers Fear AI?

      Christopher Pissarides explains why common concerns about looming technological unemployment and displacement are overblown.
    11. mazzucato62 Getty Images

      Governments Must Shape AI’s Future

      Mariana Mazzucato & Fausto Gernone urge policymakers to see themselves as proactive participants in technological innovation and market-making.
    12. lei2 Getty Images

      How China Bungled Techno-Development

      Ya-Wen Lei shows why a historic economic opportunity is in the process of being missed.
    13. rajagopalan1 Getty Images

      A New Engine for Human Learning and Growth

      Shruti Rajagopalan explains what AI could do for India and many other countries in the Global South.

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